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God is the creator of all and the original artist who  makes amazing and intriging beauty in the world. I see people, nature and everything in life growing and changing daily, providing me with a new pallet of ideas to create art from.

Art is a unique, and very personal experience for me, where I can share my perspectives about the world around me. My thoughts and feelings find a place of safety and freedom without limits when I engage in this form of expression.



I am a native Californian, raised on a little ranch near Lake Casitas where I still reside and think of as home sweet home. My life has been a journey filled with great tragedy and many challenges in my health and other areas which kept me from living fully for a long time. I see myself as a triumphant spirit who persevered against great odds..... yet I chose a positive perspective on all life experiences so I could grow and learn from them and in turn be able to help others. My love and faith in the Lord gives me true peace and joy and I’m so grateful to be expressing myself through the arts in acting, dancing, singing, guitar playing, painting, and writing.

My prayer is that wherever I go and whatever I do I will be a light and a blessing to those around me. I appreciate the beauty in nature, am absolutely head over heals in love with animals, and think laughter is one of the best medicines God gives us. I am a self taught artist and find artistic inspirations in all aspects of life. I continue to grow as an artist and do not limit myself to any one style or medium. As a commission artist I receive a very diverse range of requests for art pieces which keeps me expanding my abilities as an artist, and I really enjoy creating something meaningful and special for others.

I am grateful and  blessed by art and thank everyone for exploring this website.


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